Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Odin's Daughter

So, my last ArtOrder challenge (the gnome) got me 2nd place! Check it out:

Here's another challenge for ArtOrder. This one is called "Discover a Muse". The task was to create an image based on the model, Veronika Kotlajic. My piece is called "Odin's Daughter". Wish me luck!

I had an immense amount of trouble getting the colors in the jpeg right. This was the closest I could get to the quality of the photoshop file.


Yasemin Baran said...

looks great dear, I just wanna see more sharper edges, maybe around her face and the crow's face. Everything has fuzzy edges so it feels like everything is out of focus ;)

Umbralust said...

Great job, dude! I love the subtle greenish hue of the background, hand-talons, the texture is awesome! And I disagree with Yasemin, I think there are hard edges where they need to be to show a difference in texture.

The only thing I'm not sure about is the setting. The title gives the piece such a strong launchpad for narrative; Odin hanging himself in a narcissistic self sacrifice from the world tree, thor's battles with the giants, huge battalion-eating dogs, Norse mythology is full of badass imagery! Other than that, this piece is great!

Craig Church said...

Congrats! And well done.

Karen said...

Very lovely! Your work is really great.