Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look Ma, No hands.

You may remember Crystal Lil from a previous post. Well like I said she and Al Binewski marry and run the circus together. When the circus begins to fail, the couple devise a plan to breed their own freak show, using various drugs and radioactive material to alter the genes of their children. Who emerges are Arturo ("Arty"), a boy with flippers for hands and feet; Electra ("Elly") and Iphigenia ("Iphy") the Siamese Twins; Olympia ("Oly") the hunchback albino dwarf; and Fortunato ("Chick"), the normal looking telekinetic baby of the family. 
Here is the character sheet for Chick: 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I did a character design for a friend (Craig Christian)'s  animation. He didn't give me a name for him so I named him Smudge. 

"The idea is that he's a small male dog that barks incessantly and is adorable and annoying at the same time. He's going to be running around barking happily then run off screen. He'll be followed off screen by a haggard looking guy with a pair of hedge clippers and it fades to black, with the message: 'Neuter your cats and dogs before its too late.'"

I had fun with em.