Friday, May 14, 2010

Material Girl

Hello again.
This is another ArtOrder challenge. The task was to make a vintage pin up of one of the races from Dungeons and Dragons. I chose the gnome. I think most people would overlook them... especially in terms of sexiness.

I actually did some research on the race before I started. I never knew how complicated the backgrounds could be. I discovered that they planned out every aspect of their culture from birth, to courting, to religion... even to their pets (familiars). I found that gnomes are expert craftsmen with a keen interest in gemstones. Hence, my gnome is surrounded by raw rubies and a hefty pile of gold.

I kind of want to play D&D now. This will be my character.

Gnome FAQ:

Hilarious Gnome video (by the same guy who did Bitey of Brakenwood!)


Umbralust said...

Great job Kate! This looks great, I can easily picture it appearing in a dnd book or a calendar. Come check out my entry:

artistaggie said...

Loved your entry at ArtOrder, so I thought I'd check out your blog. Great work in here! :-D

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