Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sketch Theater Book Release Party!!

I'm positively honored that ST decided to use MY SKETCH for every promo for the book release party! It's kind of ridiculous. Thanks Lili!
There will be drinks, life drawing, a silent auction, and an overall kickass time!!

full event details here!

Speaking of Sketch Theater, I'm going to be doing a LIVE DRAWING SESSION at COMIC CON this year (saturday, 2:00, come find me!). Pretty friggen exciting.... and nerve wracking. Wish me lucks!


Sylvia Liu said...

hey kate! I met u in San diego during comiccon at some hotel thing, thanks for telling me about sketch theatre and you have really nice art, I like how painty it is :D

Kate Laird said...

Hey Thanks Sylvia! Were you one of the chicks from Tofu Girls booth?