Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gettin Faymiss

Oh hey. It's been a while. Take comfort in the fact that I've been busy. This will be a post full of links! First off, I did a Sketch Theater! So cool. Look:


Next, I've been published! They made a book out of the Discover a Muse Artorder challenge top entries. Buy it!
Czech it out:


They're going to make one out of the Lovecraft challenge too so keep and eye out.

Finally, a press release! This is a link to an article about the game I'm currently working on (doing characters and such). There's a picture with a line up of some of my early concepts for the game. Cool!


I recently got hired by Wizards of the Coast for freelance stuff. Looks like that Dungeons and Dragons pin up really payed off. I'll be having work in an upcoming Dungeon Magazine so I'll be posting work as soon as I have work to show.


Big Escy said...

I know that girl!

micah farritor said...

Excellent Sketch theater! I've seen your pin-up and Muse Challenges over at ArtOrder. You make great work. Keep it up!