Tuesday, April 12, 2011

African Warrior something or other

Well this is new. Enjoy. The ref was a bunch of African tribes. I may post a reference page later if people are interested.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I see you

Oh hello. Fancy meeting you here.

Well, I'm not gonna lie. 2011 has been a pretty shitty year so far. What you see below is an important piece for me. It's the first scrap of finished work (outside of my day job) that I've done since my dad passed away in January. I just... haven't wanted to do anything for the past couple months. Even though I felt completely lazy and unproductive I just didn't have any inspiration at all and thus couldn't bring myself to touch pen to tablet. Downer, I know. BUT THEN THIS ART ORDER CHALLENGE CAME ALONG! And it was right up my alley (and nothing gets me moving like a competition).
So here's the results of the contest.
3/4 judges put me as their first choice which was awesome. It was still deemed a tie which kinda sucks (I'll never win one of these!), but what matters is that I got a pretty nice portfolio piece.

So most of you have seen the piece already so I thought I'd make my blog post extra special by posting my process sketches. What fun.

Shout outs to all those who gave me encouragement and constructive feedback especially: Josh Engle, Izzy Medrano, Nick Escasany, Martin Lutz and Max Song.